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Eye on Jordan

An eye on Jordan is a vivid visual document that reflects the image of contemporary Jordan. With the Dead Sea, Aqaba Port, Wadi Rum and Al Hammad Desert, this film has been produced according to the latest contemporary production and production methods.

publish 8 November، 2019 191
Turkmen country

A vivid visual document that embodies the journey to the homes of Turkmen in many provinces of Turkmenistan. Cultural, social and historical aspects in the nature of this country, which is diverse in its heritage and different regions according to the latest m

publish 8 November، 2019 209
publish 2 February، 2019 232
publish 2 February، 2019 284
publish 2 February، 2019 220
Meet the program Kashkool

برنامج كشكول يوسف الجاسم مع السيد عبدالله المخيال ابدعات المخيال 14 9 2010

publish 2 February، 2019 210
publish 15 January، 2019 290
publish 15 January، 2019 246
Giving two films to the Prince

عبدالله المخيال يهدي سمو أمير البلاد فيلمين وثائقيين حملا عنوان «ركائب الصحراء» و «شبح العطش»

publish 15 January، 2019 213
publish 12 January، 2019 192
publish 12 January، 2019 233

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