Al-Mekhyal is a production establishment specialized in making documentaries about heritage, culture and environment. A documentary film is considered the real face of purposeful media with the aim of shedding the light on the causes of nations in all fields and it is also considered a photographic research with a variety of aims.

A documentary film is the one that records realistic facts and documents the events, from a genuine perspective, about a cause, a person or a place. A documentary also relies on the criteria of scientific research related to the importance of the subject, the reasons behind choosing it , in addition to the aims of the film and a historical background.

Documentary films cover all fields of life and society among which are politics, economy, sociology, religion, culture and heritage.

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Al-Mekhyal Art Production Establishment started in 1993, specializing in producing documentary films about the desert environment, which is one of the most demanding types of documentaries. That’s due to making all those films in the desert and in places so far away and not familiar to the viewers by full artistic and administrative teams that travel across the deserts on long and arduous journeys full of risks and adventures.

This type of films also requires a lot of patience and time to capture the material which generally contains rare heritage scenes or observations of wildlife in the desert all of which cost a lot more effort and time, waiting for the events to unfold and to photograph wild creatures that take no orders nor follow the director’s instructions.

Producing that type of documentaries is the long and exhausting road avoided by others. Here the director has no control over so many elements in comparison with the drama directors who control the performance of actors, lighting and the choice of film sets and locations.

After more than 17 years of work ,Al Mekhyal Art Production came to possess- thank God – the largest visual library about the desert, its wildlife and nomadic inhabitants in both Arab and non-Arab deserts in countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mongolia and India.

The aims of Al Mekhyal Art Production Establishment:

1. Documenting wide sectors of heritage and culture.
2. A clear invitation to preserve the environment and wildlife.
3. Respecting the minds of viewers through a distinctive and purposeful production.