The Desert Call Part1


The Desert call is cry for help by a fragile environment caught between droughts and poaching and stressed between the cruelty of nature and the injustice of man. A visual document that reflects the reality of the environment and wildlife in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through multiple visits to a variety of different reserves , under the Saudi Wildlife Commission(SWC), in the Empty Quarter, Mahazat as-Sayd, Raida reserve in Hejaz, Fersan island and Al-Harra reserve in the north, in addition to the ibexes reserves and many other islands in the Arabian Gulf. The film reflects the role of the SWC in protecting and relocating the Arabian Oryx as well as gazelles, ostriches and many other wild species by providing them with safe refuges. The film aims at showing the accomplishments of the SWC in saving wildlife from destruction and depletion of the natural resources. It also aims at sending a message in concern with respecting the values of the land and protecting it.